ANGLeS Challenge “Meet a NASA Expert” #1 — Jerry Woodfill (May 8, 2019) 🗓

Scheduled Virtual

We were pleased to have had Jerry Woodfill join us from Johnson Space Center for our first ANGLeS Challenge “Meet a NASA Engineer” chat. Jerry is a NASA engineer who worked on the Apollo program as a spacecraft warning system engineer. Jerry gave a talk about how he was able to not only overcome technical problems that might have led to the Apollo 11 crew perishing, but also how he helped save Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk from a catastrophic failure. At the end there was time for a few questions submitted by students.

Were you on the chat with Jerry? Did you take his pledge at the end? Congratulations on becoming an Honorary Flight Controller! Don’t forget to print your certificate — you’ll find it as the last page of the PowerPoint below.