Summer 2021 Mini-Missions

For summer 2021, NESSP is pleased to offer several mini-missions for use in your summer camp activities in July and August.

This year we are offering two formats:

  • NESSP Guided — You and your students will meet virtually with a NESSP facilitator for one session
  • Self-Directed — You will facilitate activities for your students

Who can register?

Camp facilitators and students in the following states can sign up for our Summer 2021

  • Arizona
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • Washington state

We are very sorry that we can’t support camps in other states or territories right now. We do hope that those of you outside of our usual NESSP area will look into our ROADS program, which includes both our NASA National Student Challenge and Companion Course Curriculum!

How much content is there?

NESSP mini-missions provide activities to fill about half a day. NESSP Guided sessions will run for 3 hours. Self-Directed camps can add the extended activities from the curriculum to fill more of a day.

What topics are available?

Our summer 2021 offerings following the Companion Course Curriculum for our ROADS on Asteroids challenge from 2020–2021. Mini-missions and supplies are available covering:

  • Mission Planning
  • Robotics
  • Drones
  • Search for Life
  • Astronomy and Optics
  • Circuits
  • Genetics

What about supplies?

NESSP can provide supply kits for all of the mini-missions — with the exception of Mission Planning, which requires only some craft supplies.

Some supplies are provided on loan only. We will provide a return label for you to ship any loaned supplies back to us. The status of the supplies (on-loan or not) will be noted in the details for each mini-missions topic.

How do I sign up and get supplies?

Our mini-missions tend to be very popular and our summer fills up pretty quickly. Please complete the registration form below as soon as you can so that we can get your camp scheduled ASAP. The form asks for your contact information, demographic information on your student population, which mini-mission / supplies you’re interested in, and what past NESSP training or activities you’ve done (if any!).

If you are requesting supplies, please complete this form 2 weeks in advance of your camp date. We want to make sure you receive your supplies in time, and we do need two full weeks to accommodate both our internal processing time and the shipping time. For any supplies that are on-loan only, there will be a supply borrowing agreement as part of the form which you will have to sign (it’s just an electronic, on-screen signature, so you don’t have to print/mail anything).

Dates for NESSP guided mini-missions

NESSP Guided mini-missions are available on specific dates only. Dates available for each topic are below. Sessions will be offered either 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. or 1–4 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time), which is noted for each session below as either “morning” or “afternoon.”

  • July 7 (afternoon) — Mission Planning
  • July 9 (afternoon) — Mission Planning
  • July 12 (morning) — Search for Life
  • July 13 (afternoon) — Robotics
  • July 14 (afternoon) — Drones
  • July 16 (morning) — Genetics
  • July 19 (morning) — Mission Planning
  • July 20 (afternoon) — Search for Life
  • July 20 (afternoon) — Robotics
  • July 21 (afternoon) — Astronomy & Optics
  • July 22 (afternoon) — Drones
  • July 26 (afternoon) — Astronomy & Optics
  • July 27 (afternoon) — Circuits
  • July 28 (afternoon) — Robotics
  • July 29 (afternoon) — Genetics
  • July 30 (afternoon) — Mission Planning

Register your Summer 2021 mini-mission and request supplies

We welcome facilitators who would like to request multiple mini-missions for their students. You may use this form to request up to two mini-missions — of the same facilitation format!

  • Want to request more than two mini-missions?
  • Want to request both a NESSP Guided and some Self-Directed mini-missions?

IF SO, please (pretty please) do not complete this form and instead contact us directly so that we can work with you on the complex scheduling and shipping. Email us using “Mini-Mission multipass” somewhere in your subject header:

Registration form