Educator PD

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Through our program of two-day workshops and weeklong summits, we offer professional development to teachers, organizers, and other science educators across the northwest region.

Current information

Upcoming events


  • Announcing summer professional development for teachers July 9, 2021 - For summer 2021, NESSP is pleased to offer several professional development sessions for teachers — including a long-awaited return to an in-person workshop format for one of the sessions! As with our PD sessions last year, our summer 2021 sessions will take place over two days.

Detailed program information

Two-day workshops

Workshops are two-day experiences in one of NESSP’s three topic areas:

  • Environmental science and remote sensing
  • Planetary exploration and robotics
  • Exploration of the solar system and rocketry

Weeklong educator summits

NESSP offers weeklong educator summits over the summer on roughly an every-other-year basis.