ROADS on Mars — Final submissions 🗓

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Scheduled Challenge date

The ROADS on Mars final submission period is now open. Submission of final challenge materials will be virtual through the submission form below for all hubs.

Each team must submit three pieces of documentation for their final submission (more information below). You can submit all three at one time using the form below, or you can submit just one or two pieces now and return later to submit the rest.

The submission deadline is Monday, September 28, 2020, for all hubs.

Your submission must include — Challenge components

Each team must submit the following pieces of documentation for their final submission:

  1. Mission Development Log (MDL)
  2. Mission video
  3. Scoresheet

Your submission should also include — Media release forms

We should also receive media release forms for each student on the team. These forms must be signed by the student’s parent/guardian, not by the team’s teacher / coach / mentor.

If any adults appear in photos or videos included in the team’s submission, we should have a signed media release for them as well.

If you’d like to discuss this request for media release forms, please email us:

Download the forms here as PDFs:

Mission Development Log (MDL)

Hopefully you’re already familiar with the Mission Development Log requirement! It’s described in section 4.1.1 of the challenge manual.

For guidance as you prepare the final version of your MDL, our Mission Development Log rubric is available for download:

Mission video

The mission video requirement takes the place of what would normally be our in-person hub challenge. That means the mission video is not detailed in the ROADS on Mars manual, so please read the following information carefully!

What should the video show?

Your video should show your team’s full attempt at the final challenge. That’s it! No mini-challenge footage required.

When teams would, in normal times, gather at their hub for the final challenge event, they would have 10 minutes to complete all of the mission objectives. These MOs are listed in section 5.4 of the challenge manual. Your mission video should show your team attempting all of these mission objectives.

To be live or not

We know that some teams are already planning to run their final challenge as a live event for their friends and families on Facebook Live or Instagram Live. This is cool, but not required! If you do a live virtual event, you can submit your video to NESSP either as a link to the resulting social media post, or you can download your video from Facebook/Instagram and submit the file using the submission form below.

But it’s also absolutely okay to do your final challenge run without a virtual audience.

IF your team can gather together (safely!!)

One way to prepare your video is to set up your challenge course to approximate, as closely as you can, what the course would look like at a hub event, and then film your team running the challenge from beginning to end in one 10-minute attempt. You can definitely run as many attempts as you want to and then submit the best one! You may also use video editing software to splice together your best attempts at individual components of the challenge — but each mission objective should be shown on video as one single, uninterrupted shot.

But if gathering together isn’t possible

We know, however, that it’s pretty unlikely that teams will be able to gather together. In that case, teams should assign various MOs to individual members — the same way teams worked together, while still socially distancing, for our ROADS Freestyle challenge.

Each mission objective should be shown on video as one single, unedited shot. The MOs should then be edited together to create one video representing the team’s attempt at the final challenge from beginning to end.

But we don’t have the map or other supplies!

Most teams aren’t going to have the full complement of pieces (map, drone, &c.) that the final challenge run, as laid out in the manual, calls for — and we aren’t going to penalize a team for missing something! Please do attempt all of the mission objectives, but this is where your team can show off its creativity and ingenuity by improvising to meet the objectives.

In particular, note that there are detailed instructions on all features of the Mars mat in section 5.2 of the challenge manual so that teams can draw their own best representation of the map.

Submitting your video

You can either submit a link to your video (Facebook/Instagram video, YouTube video, a Google Drive folder, a Dropbox, &c.) or you can upload a file using the submission form below.


When your team does its final challenge run, you must have your teacher / coach / mentor act as a judge to score your attempt at the challenge. The completed scoresheet must be uploaded as one of your pieces of documentation. The scoresheet is available as a downloadable Excel file here. Please email us ASAP if you have problems with the file!

Submission form

You will need your team name and team number to make your submission, but this time you don’t need to log into anything. If you can’t remember your team number, email us and we’ll look it up:

The submission form is pretty short — one page to set up your submissions, one page to confirm what you’re submitting and enter your contact info, and one page to submit everything to the server. You WILL get an on-screen confirmation message (it shows up as a green box), so don’t close your browser tab until you see that! You’ll also get a confirmation email from the system, so if you don’t receive that you should email us to double-check.

ROADS on Mars submission form