ROADS on Mars (2019-2020)

Top teams

NESSP is pleased to announce the following four teams who achieved top prizes. All teams received trophies commemorating their achievements as well as official NASA certificates.


The challenge manual will get you started on the ROADS on Mars, whether you're a student team running the challenge during the 2019-2020 school year (or summer!) or you're an educator looking to incorporate these hands-on activities into your curriculum.

About ROADS on Mars

ROADS on Mars is a team challenge for grades 3–12. The challenge follows in the path of the Mars 2020 rover and focuses on guiding students in understanding Rover Observation And Drone Survey.

Registration 🗓

ROADS on Mars has two program options -- academic year and summer programs. Registration for academic year programs remains open ONLY for Alaska and Hawaii. Registration for summer programs is now open.


Are you a team participating in the ROADS on Mars challenge in 2019-2020? This page will help you submit your social media mini-challenge to NESSP as well as provide resources that may be useful as you navigate the challenge.


The grand prize to the top team from Regional Challenge Hubs is a trip to Kennedy Space Center for the launch of Mars 2020! All teams who register and participate in the ROADS on Mars Challenge will receive a NASA certificate of participation.


Hubs both in-person and virtual create a network of regional challenges across the continental United States. Most regional challenge hubs will hold their final event in spring 2020. A few hubs are running the ROADS Challenge as a summer program to coincide with the launch of Mars 2020.

ROADS calendar

The ROADS on Mars challenge offers a full academic year of activities and virtual events.


Safety is of critical importance when running the ROADS ON mARS Challenge. Please review this page and the additional safety material in the Official Manual.

Resources for — Hub organizers

If you're organizing a local or regional hub event for ROADS on Mars, the resources here will help your planning from first steps to day-of event.