Top teams

A space craft flies across a star field toward the asteroid Vesta, surrounded by a circle with the words Rover Observation and Drone Survey (ROADS) on Asteroids.

NESSP is pleased to announce the top teams in the ROADS on Asteroids challenge!

Top teams

Top Team — DART
The Team Who Must Not Be Named, from Socorro, New Mexico

Top Team — Dawn
RS Space Hawks – 1, from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Top Team — Dawn
Infinity Spartans, from Pharr, Texas

Top Team — Hyabusa
WSSB Explorers, from Vancouver, Washington

Top Team — OSIRIS Rex
ShurikL, from Staten Island, New York

Best MDL

  • RAAC 360, a Dawn team from San Jose, California
  • Molalla High School Robotics Club, a DART team from Molalla, Oregon
  • RS Space Hawks – 2, a DART team from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Best mission video

  • Martian PALs, a Dawn team from EGG HBR TWP, New Jersey
  • The Lunar Ladies, a DART team from Oregon City, Oregon
  • Sunray Bobcats X-plorers, a Dawn team from Sunray, Texas

“Best of” mission objectives

Best of Mission Objective #2

  • Thundering Bison Two, a DART team from Great Falls, Montana
  • Team Hyperion, a DART team from Boqueron, Puerto Rico

Best of Mission Objective #3

  • RS Space Hawks – 0, an OSIRIS Rex team from San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Skyline ROADS Team, a DART team from Sammamish, Washington

Best of Mission Objective #4

  • JHS Astronomy, a DART team from Mill Creek, Washington
  • UHS ROADians, a DART team from Vancouver, Washington

Best of Mission Objective #5

  • Androids, a DART team from Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Best of Mission Objective #6

  • SciRules, a DART team from Keizer, Oregon

Best of Mission Objective #7

  • Trajectory is Nominal, a DART team from Issaquah, Washington

Best of Mission Objective #8

  • Millburn, a DART team from Millburn, New Jersey

Best of Mission Objective #9

  • AL Group, a DART team from Eugene, Oregon

Winglee Award

A Bitmoji shows NESSP founding director, Dr. Robert Winglee, in rocketship.The Winglee Award recognizes teams who embody the spirit of NESSP’s founding director, Dr. Robert Winglee. We are proud to honor the following teams for their effort, their determination, and, above all, their enthusiasm.

  • JMS Drobotics, a Dawn team from Jerome, Idaho
  • Buckeyes Team 1, a Dawn team from Gilmer, Texas
  • Buckeye Team 2, a Dawn team from Gilmer, Texas
  • Buckeye Team 3, a Dawn team from Gilmer, Texas
  • Buckeyes Team 4, a Dawn team from Gilmer, Texas
  • Rockin’ robot Rookies, a Dawn team from Bellingham, Washington