How to complete the ROADS on Asteroids scoresheet for challenge submissions

The tab you’ll work on is the Challenge Scoresheet — you can ignore all others.  (The tab titled “Companion Course Scoresheet” is for teachers who are using ROADS as a course only and are not submitting materials for the challenge.)  You can also ignore the data validation tab as that’s simply running the logic behind the dropdown lists.

The way you’ll add your scoring is this:

  • Your scoring will go only in the yellow-highlighted fields (these are columns D and J).
  • Once you place your cursor in the yellow-highlighted cell, you should get a button for a drop-down list — select your scoring from that list.
  • The vast majority of items to be scored need only a Yes/No/Not being scored response —  Only a few ask for numbers (to express size or distance).
  • Ignore the “Best of MO?” items (those are for our judges when they do their review).

The spreadsheet will run some auto-population/auto-calculation actions as you select your responses for each scored item, but again, these are things you don’t have to pay much attention to.

And, truly, don’t stress over the scoresheet too much!  Our judges use these as a double-check to make sure they’re not missing anything when they review the MDL and video.