Checkpoint challenge #2 — Search for signs of life 🗓

Scheduled Challenge date

Submissions for this first checkpoint challenge come from Mission Objective #03 “Search for Signs of Life” in the ROADS on Asteroids manual. For classes following our companion course, search for signs of life is covered in unit 3, lesson 2 and unit 3, lesson 4.

What’s the objective?

The checkpoint challenge has three components:

  • Methane detection associated with dead or decaying organisms
  • Carbon dioxide detection associated with respiration, geological, and/or human activity
  • Search for small invertebrates

Your team should record a short video showing your explorations in search of signs of life (methane, CO2, macroinvertebrates) and discussing your conclusions.

What you’ll submit

  • Video of your team’s search for signs of life (formats accepted: .mp4, .mov)
  • Media release forms

About the media release forms

NASA requests a media release form for any person whose face is shown in the video, whether student or adult. Your forms can be submitted either as uploaded documents or as a link to your documents elsewhere (such as a Google Doc, a doc on Dropbox, and so forth).

Checkpoint challenge #2 submission form