ROADS on Asteroids (2020-2021)

A space craft flies across a star field toward the asteroid Vesta, surrounded by a circle with the words Rover Observation and Drone Survey (ROADS) on Asteroids.

Top teams

NESSP is pleased to announce the top teams who achieved in the ROADS on Asteroids challenge.

About ROADS on Asteroids

The ROADS on Asteroids challenge gives teams of students grades 3–12 a chance to tackle a mission to the asteroids. Teams will plan and simulate a mission to the “snowman” feature on the asteroid Vesta (see below). The mission will include an impactor from height onto the surface, drone landing and takeoff, and robotic navigation across potentially hazardous surfaces to look for the building blocks for life.

Registration 🗓

Team registration for the ROADS on Asteroids challenge opens on Tuesday, October 13, 2020.


The ROADS on Asteroids “final event” will be held virtually in April 2021. Teams will have several pieces of documentation that must be submitted via NESSP’s website in order to be eligible for scoring and prizes. Checkpoint challenge submissions are optional, but teams who make submissions are eligible for prizes.


Registration opens on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. Final submissions will be due in April 2021.