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Scheduled Challenge date

The submission period for the ROADS Freestyle Challenge has closed.

Congratulations! You’ve completed your ROADS Freestyle mission!! Now it’s time to submit your crew’s documentation. Once you have your Mission Development Log and your 4-minute video finalized, you can submit them either electronically online or physically via postal mail.


Monday, May 18, 2020


There are 2 submissions due — The Mission Development Log (MDL) and the video are each a separate submission.

MDL file format — The MDL can be in whatever document format works best for your team. For submission, you can choose to upload a file (a Word document, a PDF, &c.) OR to link to the MDL elsewhere (a Google Doc, a document you’ve uploaded to a Dropbox, &c.).

Video file format — The video can be in whatever video format works best for your team. NESSP should be able to translate most any video format, but if we do run into any issues with your file we will be in touch. For submission, you can choose to upload a file OR to link to the elsewhere (in your Google Drive or Dropbox, or if you’ve uploaded the video to social media such as Facebook or YouTube).

Video editing — You do not have to shoot the video in just one long take! We actually expect it will be easiest for teams to shoot many segments of video to be edited together for the final version. Use whatever video editing app you have available to you! We have no requirements on what editor you use. Your final video must accurately show your team’s efforts for the Mission Objectives, but should also show your team’s creativity and ingenuity.