To run the ANGLeS Challenge, you need three things — a drone, a LEGO Mindstorms robot, and a properly marked map of the lunar surface. These supplies may be available for a discount via NESSP.

To inquire, please contact:
Christina Jarvis

Force1 drone

Force1 is generously offering their U49W wifi FPV drone at a discount for ANGLeS Challenge teams.  Use Christina’s contact information above to request the discount information from NESSP.

LEGO Mindstorms robot

Unfortunately, LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots are not available at a reduced rate.  If you will need a robot for your team, please request one during the team registration process.

Lunar landing surface

The lunar surface mat is available from our generous vendor, Seattle Design & Print, at the NESSP cost.  Use Christina’s contact information above to inquire.

Lunar surface map — DIY version

But you don’t have to buy a lunar surface mat! It’s also possible to create a lunar surface mat by hand using butcher paper, a meter stick, some string, and a few other supplies. We’ve created instructions that cover all the dimensions and details you’ll need — look for them in the ANGLeS Challenge manual.