Process for registering a team

The ANGLeS Challenge has a multi-step registration process. If you have questions after reviewing the steps below, please contact us.

The registration deadline for organizations has been extended to April 15, 2019!

First — Organizations must register

Teams are required to be affiliated with an organization such as a school, library, museum, after school program, or club. An organization may have many teams interested in the Challenge — or an organization may have just one team! Either is a fine approach to the ANGLeS Challenge. But no matter how many teams an organization may have, register the organization first.

If an organization’s team(s) intend to proceed to a Regional Challenge Hub event in July, organizations must select a hub with which to register during the registration process. Regional Challenge Hubs will hold the Regional Challenge Events and will be the main point of contact for teams.

If an organization’s team(s) do not intend to proceed to a Regional Challenge Hub event in July, we still encourage you to register — all registered teams who complete the Challenge will receive a NASA certificate of participation. All registered teams who complete the Challenge and who are in a U.S. state or territory which does not have a Regional Challenge Hub are still eligible for prizes! International teams are invited to register and participate in their countries and will be eligible to receive NASA certificates, but we are not able to award prizes to international teams.

Second — Organizations must register their teams

Once an organization has registered, the next step is to register each of their teams — use the same Google Form for team registration as you did for organization registration (see the “Register Now!” button below.) Organizations may register as many teams as they wish.

Third — Organizations nominate teams for Regional Challenge Hub events

For a team to participate in a Regional Challenge Hub event in July — and to be eligible for one of the grand prize NASA center trips! — a team must be nominated to the event by their organization. Organizations may, but are not required to, hold a local challenge to determine which team(s) to nominate.

Nominations are due to the Regional Challenge Hub (selected when the organization registered) by May 31, 2019. Organizations should nominate teams in order of preference.

Nomination does not guarantee invitation from the Regional Challenge Hub. Hubs will evaluate all nominations and invite as many teams as possible to their event. Hubs will invite from as many organizations as possible and from as many regions as possible from around the state. If more teams are nominated than a hub can host, some teams will not be invited to the hub. Multiple teams from each organization may be invited if space allows at the Regional Challenge Hub. Invitations to hub events will be sent June 17, 2019.


Organization registration deadline

All organizations must register by April 15, 2019, to participate in ANGLeS, regardless of whether they intend to participate in a Regional Challenge Hub event.

Team registration deadline

Organizations may continue to register teams until nominations are due on May 31, 2019.

Registration is managed with a Google Form (although no Google account is required). Clicking the “Register now!” button will open the registration form in a new tab. If the button does not open the registration form, copy and paste this URL into your browser: