Pennsylvania — July 20 (Johnstown, PA)

Date and location

July 20, 2019

University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown
Johnstown, Pennsylvania


Top team — Trip to Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.


University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown

Pitt-Johnstown’s CODE for Commonwealth and Country initiative (CODE) was launched in 2016 in Johnstown and neighboring elementary schools to bring digital literacy to the community, to promote widespread interest in computer science in K-12 and to support entities who advance coding literacy as a necessity, a right and a freely accessible good for all K-12 children in our region. The goal, according to Pitt-Johnstown president Dr. Jem Spectar, is to bring the basics of coding, a language skill that is as essential as reading and writing, to every child, in every nook and cranny of the Greater Johnstown region, transforming the so-called “Rust Belt” into a hotspot in the new digital economy with great jobs for our people. The resurgence of the Greater Johnstown region will serve as a national model for transformation built on the power of computational-learning for improving digital literacy in the community.

Working with partner school districts, CODE (Coding Outreach for a Digital Economy) has helped deliver computer coding instruction and computational-learning activities to more than 2000 elementary students, in after-school, in-school and summer camp programs since its launch. In addition, from our Johnstown campus, we offer a CODE 4 STEM Academy Summer program and we promote FIRST® Robotics through our region by hosting Workshops and Events and supporting local robotics teams with mentors and training.

The Apollo 50th Next Giant Leap Student Challenge leverages Pitt-Johnstown’s CODE expertise to engage students in technologies relevant for today’s society. The challenge also gives students the opportunity to sense the spirit of achievement and exploration exemplified by all those that contributed to the successful landing of the Apollo 11 spacecraft on the moon 50 years ago. Pitt-Johnstown is excited to host the Pennsylvania Regional Hub Challenge on July 20, 2019.

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Roxanne Jenner

Pennsylvania NASA Space Grant

The Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium (PSGC) was established in 1989 as a component of NASA’s National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. The PSGC is composed of fourteen public and private universities and colleges working together with industry and precollege partners to increase Pennsylvania’s participation in the economic, educational, and scientific benefits of our nation’s space program.