This page covers the main supplies your team will need to run the ROADS on Icy Worlds challenge. All of the supplies are available from NESSP — mark what you need when you register your team. If you’ve already completed your team registration and now realize you need one of these supplies, please email us:

NOTE — To complete the challenge, your team will also need some standard supplies that NESSP does not provide but that your school or community group may have on hand. For example: For MO-02, where you make your challenge map, you will need things like markers, tape, cardboard or poster board.

Drone - The drone is your team's spacecraft for journeying to the challenge exploration site. Any drone that can carry your team's payload will do. For 2021–2022, NESSP is providing small drones that can be flown indoors.
Hydrometer - A hydrometer measures the density of liquids. You'll need this tool for MO-05. For 2021–2022, NESSP is providing an aquarium hydrometer.
Microscope - A microscope, of course, let's you see things that are far too small to see with just your eye alone. You'll need this tool for MO-05. You can use any microscope your school may have available. For 2021–2022, NESSP is providing (unassembled!) Foldscope microscopes.
Robot — LEGO Spike - You will need a programmable (not remote-controlled) robot. The robot is your rover for MOs 07 and 08 (plus MO-09 for high school teams). For 2021–2022, NESSP is providing the LEGO SPIKE robot.
Sampling kit - To complete MO-05, you'll also need tools to take samples and analyze them, including: pH paper, thermometer, vials / sample bottles, pipettes.