Checkpoint challenge MO-05 — Yeast ID card 🗓

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Submissions for this first checkpoint challenge come from Mission Objective #05 “Yeast ID card” in the ROADS on Icy Worlds manual (page 35). For classes following our companion course, the limits of life is covered in unit 3 lesson 3.

Checkpoints are optional!

Remember that making a submission for any of the checkpoint challenges is entirely optional. Why should you consider submitting something for a checkpoint? Well, for one thing, there are prizes! But more importantly, because two of the checkpoint challenges are also Mission Objectives, aiming to make a submission for a checkpoint can help your team stay motivated and on track for the challenge.

If your team chooses to not make a submission for a checkpoint challenge, there’s no harm done — the checkpoints are not calculated toward the final scoring.

What are you doing in this challenge?

All organisms need certain conditions to survive and thrive. Your objective: learn as much as you can about the limits of one hardy organism — yeast — and present your findings in the form of an identification card.

To investigate this MO, design and carry out experiments to test the environments yeast can survive in. Your goal is to learn some of yeast’s limits by tweaking variables one by one and seeing how the yeast responds. You can get some ideas of what variables your team might want to test and how to conduct the experiments by reading the companion course lesson noted above.

What you’ll submit

  • Full details will be posted in January 2022!
  • Media release forms

About the media release forms

NASA requests a media release form for any person whose face is shown in the video, whether student or adult. Your forms can be submitted either as uploaded documents or as a link to your documents elsewhere (such as a Google Doc, a doc on Dropbox, and so forth).

Submission form

You will need your team name and team number to make your submission. If you can’t remember your team number, email us and we’ll look it up:

The submission form is pretty short — on the first page you will set up your submissions, on the second page you will confirm what you’re submitting, enter your contact info, and submit everything to the server. You WILL get an on-screen confirmation message (it shows up as a green box), so don’t close your browser tab until you see that! You’ll also get a confirmation email from the system, so if you don’t receive that you should email us to double-check:

ROADS on Icy Worlds checkpoint challenge MO-05 submission form