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Resources available for the ROADS on Icy Worlds challenge include the Europa landing site image (if you’d like to use this as the background for your map), videos of all our past workshops and NASA expert talks, and links to LEGO programming help.

Resources are listed in alphabetical order by title. Click on the title to see the full content of each resource listing.

The line that says “Resource type:” will let you know what type of resource each one is. Be warned that if you click on any of the linked words in this line — for example “video” or “subject matter expert” — you will be taken to a list of all our resources of that type, not just those for ROADS on Icy Worlds. This may be interesting! Or, if you’re just looking for Icy Worlds resources, it may be more information than you want at the moment. Just a heads up!

(When you see a calendar icon in a resource’s title, that indicates it was an event. Most events listed on this page will have already occurred and we are providing the event’s materials as resources.)

Meet an Expert — Britney Schmidt 🗓

Resource type: Video

It's time for our last Meet an Expert chat of ROADS on Icy Worlds! Join us Wednesday, April 6, to chat with Britney Schmidt, a professor at Cornell University who studies arctic ice on Earth to better understand the icy worlds in our solar system.

Meet an Expert — Dr. Marshall Styczinski 🗓

Resource type: Subject matter expert, Video

How do we study an ocean that’s inside the icy crust of a moon that’s millions of miles away? Join us on Thursday, February 10, for “How to study the oceans inside Europa”!

Meet an Expert — Mishaal Aleem 🗓

Resource type: Video

For our next Meet an Expert chat, we are very excited to host Mishaal Aleem, flight software engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab! Aleem supports the Europa Clipper mission and will be sharing with us her journey from Renton, Washington, to the Jet Propulsion Lab.

ROADS on Icy Worlds — “MO-02 Map Development” math help

Resource type: Link

If the math is a little fuzzy, we totally understand. set of links that goes over the math concepts needed to do each calculation for MO-02 Map Development.

ROADS on Icy Worlds — Challenge Q&A 🗓

Resource type: Video

NESSP staff answer your questions about the Icy Worlds challenge.

ROADS on Icy Worlds — Europa landing site image (for map)

Resource type: Download available

For ROADS on Icy Worlds, teams will build their own map of the landing and exploration site on Europa. Your team's map may or may not include the image of Europa’s surface — the image of the surface is optional and is not required to complete the challenge. But if you'd like to use Europa as the background for your map, you can download an image from this page.

ROADS on Icy Worlds — Mission Advisor workshop 🗓

Resource type: Video

We'll go over critical aspects of many of the challenge's Mission Objectives, with lots of time for Q&A.

ROADS on Icy Worlds — NESSP Challenge Office Hour [April 11] 🗓

Bring your ROADS on Icy Worlds Challenge questions to our last NESSP Challenge Office Hour before final submissions are due!

ROADS on Icy Worlds — NESSP Challenge Office Hour [March 9] 🗓

March 9, 2022 from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Scheduled Challenge date >Virtual Bring your ROADS on Icy Worlds Challenge questions to our next NESSP Challenge Office Hour! Bring your whole team or have just a few students join. Feel free to pop in with just questions, but these office hours are also excellent study …

ROADS on Icy Worlds — NESSP Challenge Office Hours [Feb. 2] 🗓

Resource type: Video

Need a little advice as we get started on this new ROADS challenge? Bring all your questions to our open workshop and TA session on Wednesday, February 2!