December 3, 2021 — The ROADS on Icy Worlds official manual is finally available!

Download it as a PDF

What’s inside?

  • General overview material
    • About NESSP
    • About our programs
  • Overview of ROADS
    • About the ROADS framework
    • How the framework changes the flavor of our other programs
  • ROADS challenge How-Tos
    • Register a team
    • Request supplies
    • Make your submissions
  • ROADS challenge detailed information
    • Complete Mission Objective write-ups
    • Challenge schedule
    • List of supplies
  • Additional information
    • “Why icy worlds?”
    • FAA regulations and drone safety

What additional content is coming?

In 2022 we’ll add information on how the challenge is scored.

What if I found an error?

Yikes! By all means, please do let us know ASAP! Email us: