Summer science is here!

For summer 2021, NESSP is pleased to offer several mini-missions for use in your summer camp activities in July and August.

This year we’re offering two formats to support your summer activities. We are continuing to loan supplies if you will be using NESSP activities in your camp (what we’re calling Self-Directed Mini-Missions). New for 2021 — we are offering NESSP Guided Mini-Missions, where your students log onto Zoom for a half-day virtual session with a NESSP facilitator. Supplies will still be provided if you need them for your NESSP Guided session!

Details and the registration form are available now. If you would like to run multiple mini-missions for your students, please DO NOT complete the registration form and email us directly instead.

It takes about two weeks to process and ship your supplies, so register (or email us) ASAP!

Announcing summer professional development for teachers

For summer 2021, NESSP is pleased to offer several professional development sessions for teachers — including a long-awaited return to an in-person workshop format for one of the sessions! As with our PD sessions last year, our summer 2021 sessions will take place over two days.

All sessions are free and supplies will be provided, although participants will need to provide their own computer (and internet connection, in the case of virtual workshops).

Learn hands-on STEM activities to engage middle and high school -aged students! Topics to be covered support NGSS and are aligned with NASA missions. Projects are relevant to our new ROADS challenge for the upcoming 2021–2022 school year — or can supplement your existing course.

These workshops will cover the curriculum for the companion course to our next ROADS student challenge, and as such the sessions are intended for educators currently teaching in classrooms. We will hold a workshop intended specifically for coaches/mentors of ROADS challenge teams at a later date.

Details and registration are on our website. The registration form gives you the chance to rank your preferences for choice of workshop date. We will try to put everyone into their first preference! But we do expect that the in-person workshop will be quite popular (while also having the most limited capacity), so some registrants will be placed into their second choice.


  • August 6–7, 2021 — Virtual workshop
  • August 12–13, 2021 — In-person workshop in Adrian, OR
  • August 16–17, 2021 — Virtual workshop

ROADS Freestyle Mission Objectives

ROADS Freestyle teams will need the Mission Objectives (MO) document to guide them as they complete the mission. The PDF covers required objectives for the Freestyle challenge and is available in a printable format and a format that’s easier to read digitally.

Lunar surface map

If you’ll be running the ANGLeS Challenge for a local organization — or you just want the right landing site for team practice — you can send this PDF of the lunar landing site to a local print shop.

Download lunar surface map as .PDF

Professional development: Lego Mindstorms & drone training PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is a slideshow meant to support hands-on training for both Lego Mindstorms robots and Force1 drones.

37-slide version — Download as a .PPTX
Updated March 25, 2019

66-slide version — Download as a .PPTX
This longer version includes additional multimedia as well as information on how the Challenge relates to Next Generation Science Standards and a primer on lunar geology and crater formation.
Uploaded March 28, 2019

Flight Director information + curriculum

Each team requires one adult as the Flight Director. The Flight Director will act as the primary contact and coach for the team. The Flight Director information document provides information on piloting a drone, information on engineering and programming a Lego Mindstorms robot, and other relevant concepts such as wireless communication and remote sensing. The Flight Director information packet also covers curriculum related to the challenge.

Download Flight Director information as a .PDF